Windows 2003 End Of Life

Time to replace that old server

Windows Server 2003
support will end:

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Q: What happens if I do nothing and leave it with Windows 2003?

A: Immediately, nothing. It will continue to run just like Windows XP did.

Q: Will I still be secure?

A: No. Updates will no longer be available, increasing risk of malware infecting server and putting data and security at risk. If the server faces the Internet (remote access, Exchange email, etc.), there is a good chance a vulnerability will be exploited and your server compromised. If you are subject to HIPAA or PCI compliance, you will likely be out of compliance.

Q: Can I just upgrade it and not replace the server?

A: While possible, it is highly unlikely. The type of server hardware in use at the time Windows Server 2003 was being installed will not work with the new server software. Additionally, server hardware failure rates increase after 5 years, making any investment in old hardware unwise.

Q: Is replacing the server going to be a big expense?

A: Doesn’t have to be. Some small businesses don’t even need servers with today’s cloud options. Server replacement can be broken up into monthly payments with $0 down.

Q: What If my server has a program on it that I use to run my business?

A: No problem. We work with software vendors all the time to not only make sure the software will work on the new server, but the best method to transfer all the data to make sure your business doesn’t skip a beat.

Q: I’ve gone through this before and it was a painful experience. There was a huge impact on employee productivity.

A: We’re different. Our processes and methodologies get your new server ready with the appropriate programs and data so we can do an almost instantaneous cutover. We try and make the transition as transparent as possible, though we are also onsite with your staff immediately afterward to answer any questions. We even have a fallback plan with your old server just in case, though we’ve never had to use it before!

Q: How do I know what server I need?

A: We take care of that for you based on answers to simple business questions. We take into account budget, need for fault-tolerance, reliability, and length of time you want to keep the server for. We want to make sure you don’t overspend on something you don’t need, but also don’t underspend and find it does not meet your needs one year from now.

Q: How do I get more information and get started?

A: Fill out the contact form and we’ll give you a call, or give me a call at 518-373-TECH (8324) at x109. I will be more than happy to discuss your particular needs.