When my workstation died with no prior warning, it had the potential to grind my productivity to a screeching halt. With a busy practice like mine, lost productivity costs both my clients and my firm. I called Techs In Suits and they quickly responded, determined the failure and configured a spare workstation onsite. I was back to business as usual in the least amount of time possible which relieved my stress.

Techs In Suits immediately set up a substitute machine with all of my prior settings configured while they prepared the new workstation in the background. Techs In Suits then swapped the new workstation in, working with my schedule, so that the transition was seamless and resulted in the smallest amount of downtime and the best experience possible.

The excellent service and process oriented techs made my experience of a workstation replacement stress free, flawless, and quick.

Lemery Greisler LLC

We have been working with Juan Trevino since 2000, and with his company Techs In Suits since 2004. During our relationship with Techs In Suits, we have worked with both Juan Trevino and Jeff Kuhne and have found them both to be extremely knowledgeable in their field.

We have used Techs In Suits to test the security of the Albany County Airport Authority network, perform complex domain migrations, implement a backup system for our many servers, centrally implement and manage deployment of software to the network, and other complex IT operations.

We know how hard it is to find quality vendors that not only meet our security requirements, but are also experts in their field and pride themselves on providing the best support for the Airport.

We are happy to recommend Techs In Suits to other businesses seeking highly responsive and quality IT support. I would be happy to answer any further questions regarding our relationship with Techs In Suits.

We needed a program that would reduce data entry time, increase accuracy and productivity and these guys nailed it. They did exactly what we asked and were on time and on budget.

Techs In Suits has provided us with excellent technical advice and customer service for many years. We can count on the solutions they present to be well-thought out and high quality. The entire organization is professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend their service to anyone looking for a superior IT solution provider.

Colden Company Inc.

I am Sandy Exstrand, the IT Director for Adirondack Trailways transportation company operating here in New York, New Jersey, Canada, and Massachusetts.

We first met Juan Trevino in 2001 when he worked for another IT company. After he left and, we tried other solution providers, but shortly sought out Mr. Trevino’s new company Techs In Suits in 2003 when we could not get the level of service we had come to expect.

Our production network consists of five main remote locations in addition to our corporate office. Techs In Suits has expertly performed numerous network upgrades and updates and has guided Adirondack Trailways in the selection and scrutiny of technology vendors for our Line Of Business applications.

The network that Techs In Suits has recommended and implemented operates 24/7 with downtime only for routinely scheduled maintenance or upgrades. This type of availability stems from an understanding of the technology and using high quality components, implementation, and maintenance procedures.

We are in the process of upgrading our ticketing infrastructure, and again Techs In Suits has been instrumental in assisting with the management and implementation of this project.

From problems with workstations to troubleshooting telecommunications lines and dealing with 3rd party vendors, Techs In Suits had a breadth of not only technology skills, but also the rare skill of translating the technical into plain English.

We rely on Techs In Suits and highly recommend them to anyone seeking quality IT support and service.

IT Director
Adirondack Trailways

Like many small businesses, I am a business owner that spends time running the business and not the computer network. Due to an error, we lost an entire folder of data that would have been difficult and costly to rebuild. Due to the nature of the data, we did not notice until TWO MONTHS AFTER it happened.

Luckily, we've been using Techs In Suits' backup and disaster recovery service. One call and we had our data back in minutes from the exact point we needed it from two months prior.

Having a trusted business partner like Techs In Suits to rely on gives me an invaluable peace of mind and one less thing to worry about while I grow my business.

Harney & Sons Fine Teas

I am Randy Goncalves from Truland Systems located in Reston, Virginia and have been working with Techs In Suits for more than 3 years. In April 2012 one of our files was inadvertently deleted and needed to be recovered quickly and Techs In Suits responded to our request within minutes that they were working on the restore. The file was quickly restored and we were able to get the information to our client on time. Techs In Suits has saved us countless times with the restore feature of their backup and disaster recovery service and has saved us significant hours of not having to recreate missing files. These guys are professional, quick, and easy to work with.

Technical Support Specialist
Truland Systems

I am writing to describe my business experience with Techs In Suits and its owner, Juan Trevino. I am the founder and chief executive officer of Plumb Engineering, PC; an engineering design service Professional Corporation that I started in 1991. I have engaged the services of Techs In Suits exclusively since 2003 to deliver all of my IT needs. Previously, since 2000, we obtained our IT services from Vision Systems Inc., of which Juan Trevino was the principle account manager assigned to my company. We have been working with Juan for eight (8) consecutive years, during which time he provided a substantial amount of sophisticated technical systems work.

Most recently Juan installed a total server upgrade to meet extensive requirements of our state-of-the-art accounting/project management/customer resource software application. It was a project that required a great deal of collaborative work with the vendor. He was able to work through a large number of complex technical issues to get the new program operating with full utility. This was just the latest example of his diligent service. He has created a network that operates very effectively and with no problems, so that we "never" lose productivity. He also created a server to host our website.

Juan has proven time and again that he is an honest and ethical businessman. I have found that his integrity is of the highest caliber. I fully trust his recommendations when changes or upgrades need to be performed. He has been very sensitive about our capital investment limitations by giving us options and making sure that we understand the full cost considerations.. His service is always timely, and his emergency response services are truly remarkable. No matter where he is or when I need him he responds immediately and effectively. As a professional engineer I am a relatively savvy IT user. Our production work is very demanding on our system and I have found that his technical expertise is unmatched. These are the reasons why I continue to do business with Juan and expect that this will not change.

I am available and happy to discuss with you in detail his work for Plumb. I can be reached at 518-469-8878.

Plumb Engineering, P.C.

When one of our critical servers failed, it could not have been at a worse time. Fortunately for us, we had a disaster recovery solution in place from Techs In Suits. One phone call and less than an hour later, our entire server had been restored from an image and we were back in business. The solution from Techs In Suits saved us countless hours of rebuilding a server and we couldn't be happier with the solution and the service.

I have known Techs In Suits for more than 6 years and have personally worked with Juan Trevino, President of Techs In Suits and his knowledgeable staff on many occasions.

Techs In Suits has always demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and honesty during the work on small or large scale enterprise projects. I consider Techs In Suits as a value added consultant as you will see outlined below.

In 2008, The Techs In Suits team of consultants saved Kadant AES $200,000 by solving an authentication and integration issue between a DOS OS CNC machining center and our Windows and LINUX systems. Techs In Suits made it possible to keep our production line up and running while at the same time keeping our customers happy and saving Kadant AES money.

During our cut over of our MRP/ERP system upgrade in 2008, Techs In Suits (during off hours) resolved a DNS issue that was causing our notification system from sending critical business information that was needed before the start of the next business day. This allowed for a smooth transition of critical business activity. In the customers’ eyes it was a seamless transition.

In February 2007 Techs In Suits recommended a monitored approach to IT system administration when I was looking to expand my IT staff. When Techs In Suits implemented the monitoring software it allowed me to proactively manage my IT system administration and eliminated the need to increase my IT staff.

Over the past 6 years Techs In Suits has augmented my IT staff on many different levels of consulting, administration and value added work that are too many to list here.

IT Manager
Kadant AES

After returning to my office after normal business hours, I found myself unable to log in to our computer system. After several failed attempts, I placed a call to Techs In Suits and left a voicemail indicating my predicament. I didn’t even have a chance to decide if I should stay and await a response or just go home, when, within minutes, I received a call back from John, who was driving in his car and wanted to provide me with the quickest possible support. He was able to walk me through the steps necessary to get back up and running without causing me any further delay and alleviating my stress level. The people at Techs In Suits are always very supportive during the regular work day, and this was my first experience with their after hours support. I would have to say that they went above and beyond my expectations and helped me to minimize my down time and solve our IT issue quickly and professionally. Thank you, John, for calling from the road and not waiting until you arrived at your destination. Your timely response helped me to get my work completed and home to my family.

Director of Field Investigations
Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group, Inc.

I wanted to follow up on yesterday’s service. After several failed attempts of getting our new laptops connected to the internet we emailed Techs In Suits support for help. Within minutes, we received a call back from Brian, a network engineer. Brian was able to translate our symptoms of the issue quickly into what the problems were.

I thought I would have to wait for someone to drive to KIPP Tech Valley to fix the issue however, Brian connected remotely to our network and made the necessary network changes. Within seconds our laptops started connecting to the internet. Our technology teacher was relieved that she could start using the new laptops and most importantly our students immediately benefitted from your expertise.

Founder & Executive Director
KIPP Tech Valley

As the IT Director for the Ordway Research Institute and Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics, I have known Techs In Suits for nearly 7 years and have come to rely on their technical expertise and professional quality support. Recently, in October 2010, Techs In Suits responded quickly to our service request to solve an ongoing authentication and auto discovery issue. With the expertise of the network engineers at Techs In Suits they were able to quickly determine the root cause of our issue and had it resolved in a timely manner. Techs In Suits provided Ordway Research Institute project management and implementation expertise for our Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 upgrade project. Techs In Suits performed the upgrade after hours and even performed weekend work to avoid any impact on our business. The upgrade was flawless. I would highly recommend Techs In Suits for their excellent IT skills and great customer service. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding our experiences and valued relationship with Techs In Suits.

Director, Information Technology
Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics, Ordway Research Institute

I have known Techs In Suits for more than 3 years and during those years Techs In Suits has exceeded our expectations with their excellent service and level of IT support they have provided us. The service team at Techs In Suits was able to support our growing remote staff IT needs with the same level of support we expected for our internal staff. We were able to place our trust inTechs In Suits in recommending the right networking, security, and other technical solutions required to align our IT with our business goals. In October 2011 Techs In Suits provided project planning and implementation for moving our IT infrastructure to a secured datacenter. The techs at Techs In Suits even gave up their Friday night to work after hours moving our infrastructure to the secure facility so that our business was not interrupted during normal business hours. By Saturday noon time our network was back up and running and our employees didn’t even know what happened. The datacenter move was smooth and flawless. I highly recommend Techs In Suits for their service dedication, knowledge, and work ethics.

Care Support of America