When my workstation died with no prior warning, it had the potential to grind my productivity to a screeching halt. With a busy practice like mine, lost productivity costs both my clients and my firm. I called Techs In Suits and they quickly responded, determined the failure and configured a spare workstation onsite. I was back to business as usual in the least amount of time possible which relieved my stress.

Techs In Suits immediately set up a substitute machine with all of my prior settings configured while they prepared the new workstation in the background. Techs In Suits then swapped the new workstation in, working with my schedule, so that the transition was seamless and resulted in the smallest amount of downtime and the best experience possible.

The excellent service and process oriented techs made my experience of a workstation replacement stress free, flawless, and quick.

Seth D. Finkell
Lemery Greisler LLC