I am writing to describe my business experience with Techs In Suits and its owner, Juan Trevino. I am the founder and chief executive officer of Plumb Engineering, PC; an engineering design service Professional Corporation that I started in 1991. I have engaged the services of Techs In Suits exclusively since 2003 to deliver all of my IT needs. Previously, since 2000, we obtained our IT services from Vision Systems Inc., of which Juan Trevino was the principle account manager assigned to my company. We have been working with Juan for eight (8) consecutive years, during which time he provided a substantial amount of sophisticated technical systems work.

Most recently Juan installed a total server upgrade to meet extensive requirements of our state-of-the-art accounting/project management/customer resource software application. It was a project that required a great deal of collaborative work with the vendor. He was able to work through a large number of complex technical issues to get the new program operating with full utility. This was just the latest example of his diligent service. He has created a network that operates very effectively and with no problems, so that we "never" lose productivity. He also created a server to host our website.

Juan has proven time and again that he is an honest and ethical businessman. I have found that his integrity is of the highest caliber. I fully trust his recommendations when changes or upgrades need to be performed. He has been very sensitive about our capital investment limitations by giving us options and making sure that we understand the full cost considerations.. His service is always timely, and his emergency response services are truly remarkable. No matter where he is or when I need him he responds immediately and effectively. As a professional engineer I am a relatively savvy IT user. Our production work is very demanding on our system and I have found that his technical expertise is unmatched. These are the reasons why I continue to do business with Juan and expect that this will not change.

I am available and happy to discuss with you in detail his work for Plumb. I can be reached at 518-469-8878.

Karen L. Astorga
Plumb Engineering, P.C.