After returning to my office after normal business hours, I found myself unable to log in to our computer system. After several failed attempts, I placed a call to Techs In Suits and left a voicemail indicating my predicament. I didn’t even have a chance to decide if I should stay and await a response or just go home, when, within minutes, I received a call back from John, who was driving in his car and wanted to provide me with the quickest possible support. He was able to walk me through the steps necessary to get back up and running without causing me any further delay and alleviating my stress level. The people at Techs In Suits are always very supportive during the regular work day, and this was my first experience with their after hours support. I would have to say that they went above and beyond my expectations and helped me to minimize my down time and solve our IT issue quickly and professionally. Thank you, John, for calling from the road and not waiting until you arrived at your destination. Your timely response helped me to get my work completed and home to my family.

Joseph Fodera
Director of Field Investigations
Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group, Inc.