I have known Techs In Suits for more than 6 years and have personally worked with Juan Trevino, President of Techs In Suits and his knowledgeable staff on many occasions.

Techs In Suits has always demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and honesty during the work on small or large scale enterprise projects. I consider Techs In Suits as a value added consultant as you will see outlined below.

In 2008, The Techs In Suits team of consultants saved Kadant AES $200,000 by solving an authentication and integration issue between a DOS OS CNC machining center and our Windows and LINUX systems. Techs In Suits made it possible to keep our production line up and running while at the same time keeping our customers happy and saving Kadant AES money.

During our cut over of our MRP/ERP system upgrade in 2008, Techs In Suits (during off hours) resolved a DNS issue that was causing our notification system from sending critical business information that was needed before the start of the next business day. This allowed for a smooth transition of critical business activity. In the customers’ eyes it was a seamless transition.

In February 2007 Techs In Suits recommended a monitored approach to IT system administration when I was looking to expand my IT staff. When Techs In Suits implemented the monitoring software it allowed me to proactively manage my IT system administration and eliminated the need to increase my IT staff.

Over the past 6 years Techs In Suits has augmented my IT staff on many different levels of consulting, administration and value added work that are too many to list here.

John C. Heydrick
IT Manager
Kadant AES