Cloud Services

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Cloud computing is a revolutionary technology that allows businesses to deliver applications and store data without investing in expensive infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing corporate software. Techs In Suits provides an array of innovative Cloud Services that allow you to enhance collaboration, reduce costs, and increase profits.

Cloud Assessment

When it comes to cloud migration, there are so many key factors to keep in mind that attempting a transition to the cloud on your own can end up being too costly and time-consuming. Techs In Suits provides the guidance you need to prepare your organization for the cloud. We perform a thorough assessment of your resources and cloud readiness, in order to carry out seamless data migration and select the optimal cloud option that works perfectly for your business.

Office 365

Gain access to Microsoft’s world-class productivity suite. With Techs In Suits’s cloud-based Office 365 plans, you can access, share, and edit your critical business files from virtually anywhere, allowing you to stay connected with your colleagues on the go. We offer a monthly subscription service, which means you’ll get all the benefits of Office 365 without breaking the bank.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud application that enables you to build, deploy and manage business applications. Whether you need infrastructure services, data service management and storage, or app development services, Microsoft Azure from Techs In Suits can deliver.

Forward-thinking businesses are transitioning their resources to the cloud and benefiting from this groundbreaking technology -- and it’s about time you did, too. Let us analyze your company’s existing infrastructure and determine which cloud solutions are a good fit for your business.

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