Company-branded Webtop

Techs In Suitscloud features an easy-to-use Webtop for users that's accessible anywhere, anytime. It serves as both entry point and navigation tool for a company's enterprise-wide workspace and helps you seamlessly secure, manage and deliver information.

Access all your Applications and Tools in one place

Quick and easy access too all your apps, tools and data, all tightly integrated into your Webtop.

Personalize just the way you like it

The Webtop features a customizable look and feel – whether company-wide, or for specific workgroups or departmental users. With intuitive point and click configuration, end users, IT admins or company managers can further customize the user Webtop quickly and easily.

Embed OpenSocial Gadgets

End user's can further customize the Webtop with gadgets from Techs In Suitscloud, OpenSocial Gadgets (it's the same thing Google uses on iGoogle), and SharePoint pages and Web Parts. All gadgets are secured via SSL and single sign on is handled automatically.

Embed SharePoint pages and Web Parts

Our tight integration with SharePoint 2010 allows end-users to easily access their SharePoint resources such as group sites, document libraries, calendars, custom lists and all the other great features of SharePoint. All transmissions are secured by SSL and single sign on is handled automatically and transparently to the end user.

If your user has a favorite page, it's easy to embed

But if all you need is a specific part of any SharePoint page, you can do that too