Application Access

Applications are ready for launch

Windows-based and web applications are now a mouse click away, no matter where users are. User-friendly, point and click navigation allows easy access to applications, business-critical information and services. And the best part — it’s tailored to your unique requirements and preferences.

Your apps, your way

With Techs In Suits Cloud, it’s easy to organize and present your program and data links just the way you want them. Our tools allow you to change the way applications appear in your Webtop GUI, including the ability to add or hide application links, URLs and access to company or departmental information.

Control your connectivity

Our Citrix/Terminal session control gives hosted users greater control and flexibility over their connectivity and access to resources. Now it’s easy to connect or re-connect to hosted sessions; re-connect to a previously disconnected session; or even re-connect to an active session on another computer.